HPLC色谱柱 CD-Screen 3 μ 150x4 mm

HPLC色谱柱 CD-Screen 3 μ 150x4 mm

CAS No. : --
说明 : CDS-1504-03
级别 : --
品名 : HPLC色谱柱 CD-Screen 3 μ 150x4 mm
产地 : 匈牙利
包装 : 电询
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NameCD-Screen 3 μ 150x4 mm
Particle size3 μm
Length150 mm
Internal diameter:4 mm

Description: Standard size analytical HPLC column filled with 4-nitrophenylcarbamidesilyl silica gel. This stationary phase was constructed and optimized for analysis of cyclodextrins.

Applications: Analysis of parent CDs and their degradation products, determination of residual parent CDs and degradation products in CD derivatives, characterization of component distribution of statistically substituted CD derivatives, determination of CDs and CD derivatives in drug formulations.

Comments: only distributed by CycloLab.